Common Products​

Standard Variable Rate

Fix Rate 

Split Loans

  • Most Common type of loan used in Australia
  • Interest rates move up and down (float) with changes in economic conditions. 
  • Your rate and repayment are LOCKED in for the FIX RATE PERIOD.
  • You have the ability  to fix some of your loan and maintain a portion of the loan as variable

Line of Credit

     Honeymoon or
     introductory Rate


  • This product offers a low interest rate (fixed or variable) for set period of time.
  • After this period, the rate will generally revert to a higher standard variable rate
  • Promoted by lenders to attract customers  who are very sensitive to rate
  • Very similar to an overdraft account - however, the rate is lower than an over draft account because your home is used as security.
  • Generally used for investment purpose
  • Allow you to repay extra amounts and then redraw them when you need them
  • Operates like a normal chaque account 
  • This is a stand - alone credit transaction account, which act as your normal day to day account
  •  The outstanding balance on the account is "Offstet" against your home loan and you only  pay inerest on the net amount